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“As a dancer, I was always more interested in the scene, what's behind it, the acting of a movement, the sound of a choreography, the song and the music I was listening to... preparing and getting better was the goal. So for years I've been looking for a place that can combine high technique and knowledge of teachers, variety of lessons that are actually needed on stage, and classmates who compete with themselves every time. I lovingly created my own space in the summer of 2018 based on what I was looking for, to address everyone who is interested in the scene professionally or as an amateur. I added acting, vocal and fitness classes in addition to all types of dance to provide a proper and comprehensive education that does not exclude those who only want to express themselves through dance or just want to exercise. Children, teenagers and adults, women or men will definitely find a lesson in the day to attend, and the mood of those who finish the lesson every time is the greatest reward in the most difficult professional undertaking of my life so far."

Anna Athanassiadi
Choreographer – Owner


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Preparation for art high schools

Small-member dance and acting classes with the aim of preparing the children of the sixth grade for admission to the first high school.

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Chara Vidiadaki Google Rewards

The atmosphere in the school is familiar and suitable for teaching the arts. Mrs. Athanassiadis makes sure that the children feel good about their activities and I have the most beautiful memories from that place.

danai nakou Google Rewards

Mrs. Athanasiadis and her colleagues really love what they do and that's why they do it with passion and passion! Beautiful choreography and music and lots of smiles from the children who are lucky enough to be at the dance on stage! Thank you very much!!

aspa tess Google Rewards

Excellent school with high level teachers and love for children. We've been there since the day it opened and counting!

Αγγελική Γουλή Google Rewards

Professional and friendly atmosphere in excellent balance. A school full of people who love dancing.

Platon Peristeis Google Rewards

Professionalism, friendly approach, variety and continuous development of the programs. Well done!!!

Ειρηνη Οικονομου Google Rewards

they are all friendly and professional!

Valia Tzk Google Rewards

Anna and her team are very professional, caring and encouraging teachers for all ages - a fun place to be!

Dimitris Bouzanis Google Rewards

Nice place, great teacher

Ioannis Google Rewards

Real dance!!!

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