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Anna Athanassiadi: The dancer niece of Linda Alma

Maria Lemonia 03/14/2015, 06:16


Dancing was part of the family tradition for Anna Athanasiadis, as she is a descendant of Linda Alma. The legendary dancer, who impressed even at the international level a few decades ago, seems to have bequeathed the right genes to the dancer, choreographer and actor we recently saw in "Kato Partali"

The passage of time fatally takes us away from the time when the dance duo Yannis Fleury - Linda Alma captivated even Edith Piaf with their performances. The memory of one of the most beloved and compatible couples of Greek entertainment, Manos Katrakis and Linda Alma, seems just as distant today. Despite all this, legendary names somehow never fade or at least manage to come back to the news through their descendants. The dancer, choreographer and recently also known as an actress due to her participation in "Kato Partali", multi-talented Anna Athanasiadis, is the niece of Linda Alma and she herself is proof that talent can be hereditary.

"Linda Alma was the one who made me see dance through a different lens," she confesses to "thema people" herself, explaining that "Linda Alma was the sister of my grandmother, Kitty Alma, a singer at the time of Attic – a woman who made me appreciate art from a very young age. Linda and I went to performances together and I remember that, even though I was a little girl, I listened very attentively to her remarks."

With dance in her DNA, she began her ballet apprenticeship at an early age. At the age of 12, she attended classes at the State School of Dance and then at the Vocational School of Rallou Manou, from which she received her diploma as a dancer.

The baptism of fire came for Anna Athanasiadis with the performance "Baptistikos" of the National Opera, in which she participated as a dancer. After an audition, he will be in the "Chickens" of DIPETHE Patras, directed by Themis Moumoulidis, which, as he notes, was not particularly easy: "I managed to become a member of the troupe as they chose me out of 30,000 CVs that had been sent. It was actually the first time I vigorously applied for a position as a dancer and I got it. From there, a gradual upward trend began with excellent jobs."

Indeed, her next steps in the entertainment industry included collaborations even with dance stars in shows that left an era due to their lavish and spectacular production. That is why it is no coincidence that for Anna Athanasiadis the collaboration with Sakis Rouvas and Anna Vissi will be unforgettable and she has only good words to say about the biggest contemporary Greek stars: "A dancer who wants to get serious about his work can achieve his goal from any meter and nightclubs are a great financial help for dancers. Although I was not learned in these areas and despite the fact that the night does not suit me biologically and perhaps artistically, I have to say that people who stand out in the field of entertainment and last only are not accidental. Sakis Rouvas is an artist who fills the dance floor and makes the audience go crazy for him. Equally dynamic, a real star, is also Anna Vissi. These are two artists who respect even their last collaborator, as they know well that a high-level spectacle results from the combination of a unit and a team" Despite her success, Anna Athanasiadis preferred to turn to other artistic spaces, leaving behind her night with an "au revoir".

She continued her career with jobs that would be the envy of many distinguished and much more experienced peers: she works as a dancer with Mimi Denisis in "Funny Girl", with Stamatis Fasoulis in "Two crazy crazy producers" and with some performances of the National, until came the proposal to go to the other side, that of the choreographer. She explains how effortlessly the new role came into her life: "I participated in the musical "Fame" at the Greek World theater with Kanellidou, Vourliotis and others, when the director Themis Marcellou and the producer Dionysis Potsolakis jointly offered me to choreograph their next theater work, namely 'Annie' - and that's how I made my debut as a choreographer."

Showing the steps to Hatzigianni
From the relative obscurity of the dancer, she found herself in the center of attention as the choreographer of one of the most ambitious - and successful - musical performances of the Greek theater. Among her other duties, she had to teach the steps to Michalis Hatzigiannis, Katerina Papoutsakis and the rest of the troupe. About this experience, Anna says: "Mihalis Hatzigiannis was hesitant at first, but immediately a relationship of mutual trust developed between us, which developed into a wonderful collaboration. He is a sweet and low profile person. Katerina Papoutsaki, on the other hand, quickly became my friend. For Mirka Papakonstantinou and Anna Panagiotopoulou, what can I say, it was a great school to work with these two personalities that I admired since I was a child."

The success of "Annie" will be followed by the musical "The Melody of Happiness" and the musical performance "Before Harama" by Reppas - Papathanasiou, a performance that marries music with acting, gaining very positive reviews from the audience. "Teaching actors to dance is not the easiest thing to do, especially in a show that features singers from different genres of song," he says. And then came the television, as she enthusiastically responded to the offer to participate in "Kato Partali": "I have not only studied dance, I have taken many acting lessons and I am of the opinion that the arts finally meet somewhere. My first role as an actor was in "Hartopahtra" with Takis Zacharatos, an amazing experience, since Takis is a versatile talent".

She recently choreographed the music video for Marietta Fafoutis' "You Give Me Love" with Gautier and, as the song's title suggests, remains in love with dance. Anna Athanasiadis lives and breathes 24 hours a day to dance and choreograph and if someone asks her what she thinks about her immediate future, she will answer without a second thought: "It is still too early to talk about some jobs that are planned for this summer , which are in the early stages of negotiations".

However, what she dreams of is to soon open her own dance school alongside her work, contributing to the creation of a new generation of dancers.


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