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The well-known choreographer Anna Athanasiadis gives free dance lessons to our children! Have you seen her Instagram Live yet?

Η γνωστή χορογράφος Άννα Αθανασιάδη παραδίδει δωρεάν μαθήματα χορού στα παιδιά μας! Εσείς ακόμα να δείτε τα Instagram Live της;

Myrto Kazi, 16/04/2020

Dancers don’t need wings to fly


You definitely know Anna Athanasiadis! It's behind the most beloved choreography we've ever seen! Sometimes in Your Face Sounds Familiar, sometimes in the most famous TV spots, Anna seems like she was born to dance! Of course he was the man who curated all the choreography and stage presence at the recent Yes I Do Catwalk by ghd. She herself has separated from her beloved little students due to quarantine and thus decided to offer them free dance lessons through daily Instagram Lives from her account. What do you say; Will you dance with her?


Anna, live dance classes on Instagram and Facebook for kids! Tell us what exactly you do?

Trying to keep the kids some dance company!!! I love children very much, I like the way they think. I believe that this whole situation has troubled and troubled all of us, adults and older, but I think it has disorganized the children more. Their whole reality has changed, they don't see their friends, they don't unwind, they can't play with their parents all day, the slightly older kids are so loaded with school classes that continue online, and many, many more who know better from me those who are parents. So what I'm trying to do is let's go together, kids and me, and have a good time through the dance. It is also my need to communicate even in front of a camera with them, I miss my school and my students...! I teach a lesson, with a warm-up and choreography that I learn step by step, and the children watch the process through their screens. Most kids don't have internet accounts, but they use dad's or mom's, so parents feel safe too. Because it is live on Facebook and Instagram, the children can write their questions in the comments during it and that way we can get together. The best part is the messages they send me afterwards, as well as the videos their parents take of them while they are engaged in the screen!!!


How will we know about the next appointment?

Beginner ballet classes take place every day, from Monday to Friday, 16:00-17:00, until the day the confinement at home ends. #kidzdance classes take place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 17:15-18 :15. They are completely free and without any commitment, through instagram live stories (dance.on.stage) and facebook lives (#DanceOnStage). Due to the Easter days, we will give another appointment, on Easter Monday 4/20.



What ages are you targeting?

I address children from 8 years to 15, girls and boys, but this does not exclude older people, even adults but also younger ones. It's just that for younger kids, it's doubtful whether they'll complete the course and succeed. But surely everyone will have a good time!!!


Can mom dance along?

Of course it can! And Mom and Dad.. I think this will exceed any child's expectations!! It is beautiful when the child dances with the parent, they still acquire a communication code and a common interest. In addition to joint exercise, the child feels that mom or dad supports him, that what he does is important. Then all artistic things unfold aspects of our personality, so dance can open new paths of thought and expression to the child and it is so beautiful to discover them effortlessly through a shared hour with him. But this time is his! If he wants to be alone, we should respect that, if he is shy to dance in front of the parent, we should give him space.


How does dance help children?

Children are helped by anything that frees them. Dance in general, all types of dance that is, apart from its fitness benefits, the functionality of muscles and joints and the correct posture in the body, offers joy, expression of emotions and self-confidence. It changes the way of thinking, creates imagination, strengthens the shield of a strong character. The effort to achieve a choreography or a step, but also the process of achieving this goal, teaches children not to give up at the first difficulty, and to be disciplined. They learn to claim ways to understand by asking the teacher and make progress. The teacher becomes the way, the stimulus for the child to find his goals. If we take this to another level, then dance helps them set life goals and achieve them. The friendships created in a dance class are strong friendships that increase competition and teamwork as well as healthy competition. The relationship between teacher and student is one of trust and love, and the child finds in the dance teacher usually an "adult who has fun, and I can feel myself.." And certainly an online lesson through a screen, where the teacher he can't see the student, he can't replace a regular lesson in a ballroom, but he can certainly give a trigger to search the child inside if it's something he likes to try when things are restored, but also a way for the parent to see if the child has an inclination and pursue it.


Dance and boys. A big taboo. Is it time to take it down?

I have a favorite student, P., age 10. One day his dad came to school and told me that they had argued about something unrelated, and he stated that "you can stop everything for me, but I don't want to stop dancing with Mrs. Anna never!". Another student, 15 years old, N. confided to his mom that "I feel much better with the kids at school now that I'm dancing." Another student of mine, M., aged 12, also told his mom that "yes, everything is missing from normality. But more so, Mrs. Anna and the dance." And another student of mine, A., aged 16, told me the same, "there is no money left even for the bus to come here, but don't worry, I will start much earlier and come on foot, there is no way stop". And I could tell many more stories from school students. I think taboos are created by adults. I think things are evolving, artistic professions are on the rise, we see many successful male artists and especially dancers excelling, developing their art by combining technology together. I have friends, fellow dancers, choreographers, teachers, actors, singers, musicians. I have never believed and nor will anyone ever convince me that dance, and artistic professions in general, are related to one's sexual preferences, or even worse, that dance causes "corrupted" sexual desire, as if it were a miasma, a disease or a reprehensible act. Football or dancing does not make a boy more or less "manly". A boy is made oppressed or liberated by his family and friendly environment. I am very lucky and proud that in my school I count 17 boys students aged 6-18 who are completely supported by their families, who do dance, theater and singing, and I will support them as much as I can!


What is your favorite song to dance to?

I like music. I hear everything. Sometimes I even listen to a piece during the lesson and "come out" by myself and the cuties laugh! In general, in the lessons I like the pieces that have a steady beat to be more understandable to the students' ears and all the Jazz pieces from the past. If I want to dance alone or choreograph, I will prefer strange rhythms, less western and not squares or Rock pieces.


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