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You can attend any course you wish as long as you first consult which one you can take according to your level (beginner / intermediate / advanced).

You do not need to book your place before the lesson, nor to pay in advance. The courses are self-contained and operate by the drop-in method. Of course, there are also economic packages of months and number of courses with which you get a discount.

Entering the space, you leave your information at the secretariat and pay for the package or the course you will attend before entering the room for class.

In class you must wear comfortable clothes, socks or shoes depending on the type of class (that won't be stepped on in the street), and if you want a towel (especially in yoga, pilates, barre à terre and stretching classes). In the changing rooms you can change your clothes and leave your things and shoes. In the room you will only take your bag with your personal items (mobile phone, wallet, keys, etc.) for which you are fully responsible.

The school has children's and adult departments. Find out about the ages of each class so you don't find yourself with "disproportionate" classmates.

The school has 2 rooms, one large (100 sq.m.) and one small (20 sq.m.), a piano, men's and women's toilets, men's and women's showers, men's and women's changing rooms, reception and waiting area.

The school's opening hours are 10:00-21:30 and there are morning and afternoon classes.

You can "close" a room to do a rehearsal, a lesson with a teacher or a warm-up, as long as you consult the secretariat about the free hours of the rooms.

Lessons are available on a group and personal level, or in small groups after consultation with the secretariat and the respective professor.

Courtesy, respect and consideration for teachers, staff and fellow students are required. Inappropriate behavior will result in expulsion.