Day: 21 March 2024

Anna Athanassiadi: Meet the choreographer of theater successes and Linda Alma's granddaughter!

Jan 21, 2015 Anna Athanasiadis was born in Athens in 1983. She studied dance at the State School of Orchestral Art and graduated from "Rallou Manou" in 2004. She has attended many

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Athanassiadi, How did you end up choreographing the most successful shows in town?

Anna Athanassiadi is an example of an artist who, when she has talent, has worked hard with the support of her parents and has the luck factor on her side, can succeed

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Anna Athanassiadi "Dance is a need that is constantly growing in me"

Anna Athanassiadi, you think she dances and choreographs everywhere and always. Even her simplest everyday movements, such as driving, walking, styling her hair or holding a file, have a dance look in them. If the dance was

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Choreographer Anna Athanasiadis for the performance "Let's come for a while"

Choreographer Anna Athanassiadi talks to about the show "Let's come for a while", about the rehearsals, the preparation and the dancers.

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We celebrate World Dance Day with the excellent dancer-choreographer Anna Athanassiadi

Angeliki Lalou 29/04/2020 And we let her enchant us with her wonderful path in the art of creating it, without timetables, every day, without days off, without holidays. The body gets tired, it is constantly in motion, schedules are tight and obligations fill you with anxiety. He

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