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# Dance On Stage

Anna Athanassiadi


Full Bio

Anna Athanasiadis was born in Athens and was a student of the State School of Orchestral Art and the Higher Professional School of Dance of Rallos Manos, from where she graduated in 2004, obtaining her degree after exams at the Ministry of Culture. He attended acting classes at the Theater of Changes and private voice lessons. Very soon she was on the stage, and her participations in theater and dance performances are many.

Σαν χορογράφος ξεκίνησε την πορεία της στο μιούζικαλ “Annie” σε σκηνοθεσία Θέμιδας Μαρσέλλου, και έκτοτε χορογράφησε την “Μελωδία της Ευτυχίας”, το “Addams Family”, το “Πριν το Χάραμα”, το “Mamma Mia”, το “Ας ερχόσουν για λίγο”, το “Jesus Christ Superstar”, το “Charlie Chaplin”, το “Matilda”, το “Hairspray” και πολλές άλλες θεατρικές παραστάσεις, ενηλίκων και παιδικές. Στην τηλεόραση υπήρξε χορογράφος του "Voice 2", του "Ελλάδα έχεις Ταλέντο", του "The Final Four" και του "Your Face Sounds Familiar". Ant1.

She counts in her resume many collaborations with directors, actors, singers. He has choreographed various events, awards, video clips, TV commercials and much more.

He worked in a hotel chain in the Animation team and has directed and choreographed many corporate events.

Now she also works as an artistic director in events that she undertakes and her team of collaborators includes all kinds of performers.

In 2018 she founded #DanceOnStage by Anna Athanassiadi which is a space where anyone can get involved in dance, acting, singing and gymnastics.

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