Ballet Choreo

Course Description
Fitness ballet

Ballet is a dance system based on standardized movements and

hand and foot positions designed to

allow the dancer to move with the greatest possible flexibility,

control, speed, lightness and grace. It is known for its strictness

technique, the flowing and precise movements and the simple aesthetics.

In fi tness ballet, the basic techniques of classical are combined

ballet on the barre, with exercises based on the pilates method, and with

Barre a Terre (which is ballet on the floor, specially designed for

injury recovery and strengthening).

The class is designed to work the whole body with poses

and movements that ultimately correct alignment and balance

of the body. With the use of instruments, which produce progressive

resistance, help create muscle contractions that reproduce

functional muscle activity. At the same time, the body stabilizes,

works isometrically, maintains correct position and aligns.

At the end of the lesson, the muscles are stretched, so the

practitioner acquires well-being and tranquility.

It is aimed at adult amateurs who want to work out with one

alternative method, but also to dancers who want to find it again

their form after a period of rest

Course Teachers

danceonstage 11

Anna Athanassiadi

Choreographer / Dance Teacher