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Angeliki Lalou 29/04/2020 And we let her enchant us with her wonderful journey in the art of dance Apart from dancing what else did you like to do in your quarantine? I did something that I had missed for a very long time. I rested indefinitely. In recent years, I have been working a lot. I work in the theater, on television, and in the space I have created, without hours, every day, without days off, without holidays. The body gets tired, it is constantly in motion, schedules are tight and obligations fill you with stress. This has been my lifestyle for the last few years. I generally enjoy this professional success, but I really missed physical and mental peace and rest. Quarantine has forced me to remember simple values, like sleeping soundly without an alarm clock, cooking imaginatively, talking to my partner about non-household and responsibilities issues. I cleaned out my closets, in my mind, planted and tended the balcony, talked to a lot of people on the phone, thought about my whole journey so far and organized for the next, as best I can. I walk a lot, and eat a lot.. Haha

We got to know Anna Athanasiadis through her work, as she is the choreographer of great hits such as "Melody of Happiness", "Addams Family", "Before the Harass", "Mamma Mia", "Jesus Christ Superstar" etc., while she was the choreographer of "The Voice of Greece 2" and for the last two years she is the choreographer of "Your Face Sounds Familiar" of ANT1. Having 16 years of teaching experience in children and adults, since 2018 she maintains the dance school #DanceOnStagebyAnnaAthnassiadi, while during the quarantine she decided to be close to all those who love dance, delivering free online lessons through her school's social media. Classes will continue even after the strict restrictions are over for a period of time.

  April 10, 2018 Anna Athanasiadis is an example of an artist who, when she has talent, has worked hard with the support of her parents and has the luck factor on her side, can achieve what she dreams of. Coming from an artistic family, as her grandmother's sister was the famous dancer Linda Alma, married to the actor Manos Katrakis and her grandmother, Io Theophilou, one of the first singers-actresses of Attic in Mantra, who, under the pseudonym Kitty Alma, performed in the theater until she married her grandfather and started a family.

Μαρία Λεμονιά 14/03/2015, 06:16 https://www.protothema.gr/stories/article/459340/anna-athanasiadii-horeutria-anipsia-tis-lidas-alma/ Dancing was part of the family tradition for Anna Athanasiadis, as she is a descendant of Linda Alma. The legendary dancer, who impressed even at the international level a few decades ago, seems to have bequeathed the right genes to the dancer, choreographer and actor we recently saw in "Kato Partali"

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