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QnA with Anna Athanasiadis

We got to know Anna Athanasiadis through her work, as she is the choreographer of great hits such as "Melody of Happiness", "Addams Family", "Before the Harass", "Mamma Mia", "Jesus Christ Superstar" etc., while she was the choreographer of "The Voice of Greece 2" and for the last two years she is the choreographer of "Your Face Sounds Familiar" of ANT1. Having 16 years of teaching experience in children and adults, since 2018 she maintains the dance school #DanceOnStagebyAnnaAthnassiadi, while during the quarantine she decided to be close to all those who love dance, delivering free online lessons through her school's social media. Classes will continue even after the strict restrictions are over for a period of time.


What should we pay attention to when trying to exercise at home?

On the Internet these days there are endless videos of gymnastics, dance, teaching a sport. Everyone can really find a lot of different and interesting things in order to exercise or even slowly get to know a new genre. You choose the teacher alone, you work out, you sweat, when you get tired you stop and he doesn't see you and you do it, it's free and it's your own time, during which you lock yourself in the room and leave the others outside. Apparently there is no difficulty or danger in such a thing, you watch the teacher, listen to what he says and copy. However, there are some hidden dangers that we must pay attention to, as much as we can and as much as we can understand when we are working out. Like for example if we have enough space around us. We should have removed furniture and objects within a 1.5 meter radius of us. Also, we should be sure we understand what he means. Since the trainer doesn't know or see us, we have to be realistic with ourselves and realize where we are. If, for example, there are injuries to joints or muscles and they are aggravated by an exercise or if there are health problems, then we should reduce the intensity or even avoid an exercise altogether for our own protection. Great
it is important to actually listen to the teacher. Teachers and gymnasts, in addition to demonstrating those who
they say, they analyze information on the correct execution of a movement or exercise and many times spin around themselves to look good and give as much detail as possible and make it noticeable to avoid wrong and dangerous executions, which in the good case
they just won't train us, at worst they'll injure us.

Who we choose to follow also plays a big role. Usually, we watch people
with many views and likes or surnames. Of course, we do not rule out the possibility that they are also experienced, nevertheless we should see if we understand what he says, if he is understood, if he explains the exercises and emphasizes
some dangerous spots, if he inspires us to trust and at best to look at his resume a bit. Finally, it is always better to follow a specific teacher. He knows what has gone before and follows a certain order for his lessons. We get better communication with him and understand his information faster and better.

In summary, any form of exercise, any exercise, even a brisk walk in our neighborhood is a necessary way of life and quarantine should not change it. However, nothing can replace the physical presence of teacher and student in the same space. Online class is a hobby and a way to keep fit, try something we've never done before, get off the couch and get active, and even lose some weight. Once the quarantine is over, we have to visit a dance school or a gym.


What clothes should we wear when we are going to attend one of your live classes?

Άνετα ρούχα! Κολάν, φόρμα, σορτσάκι ή βερμούδα και κάλτσες.


How long before we are allowed to eat?

If we have eaten a normal meal, it must be digested, two and a half to three hours for sure, especially if we are going to dance or something that will raise the pulse. If we have bitten something light like toast for example, it is good to wait an hour. The important thing is to know that during exercise we don't drink a lot of water, even though we constantly have the feeling that we need it. We drink 2 or 3 times within an hour, but slowly and up to two sips at a time.


What preparation should we do before each lesson?

We don't need anything special, apart from the space around us, a glass of water and a good position of our mobile phone or screen. Warming up for the body is normally given by the teacher.


What floor should we be on?

The dance takes place on a wooden floor, supported on beams and with a gap underneath, to be able to provide elasticity and absorb shocks from the joints. Ideal floor I imagine in a house we cannot find. But certainly if there is a wooden floor it is better than anything else. If we do not have such a specification, then with a carpet that does not slide on the floor and does not move dangerously we can do, in any part of the house we want.


After class should we do some exercise to relax the muscles?

Yes always! But this needs attention. In online courses the teachers usually give the recovery, finishing the lesson. If one does not give rehab, it is usually directed to more advanced practitioners who know how to rehab on their own. If we take such a course, we should also be able to find some recovery exercises in another online course.


What is special about dance compared to other sports?

Dance sets us free. It is repulsed by everyone, we feel free with the dance. It gives us relaxation
and wellness, fitness, flexibility, posture and self-confidence. It belongs to the artistic professions, so it brings out aspects of us that we may have repressed, and it's fun! A nice idea is to do together with someone or even better parent and child or even the whole family together. The benefits are many, both mental and physical!