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A few words about us


“As a dancer, I was always more interested in the stage, what's behind it, the acting of a movement, the sound of a choreography, the song and the music I was listening to... preparing and getting better was the goal.

So for years I've been looking for a place that can combine high technique and knowledge of teachers, variety of lessons that are actually needed on stage,
and classmates who compete with themselves every time.

I lovingly created my own space in the summer of 2018 based on
what I was looking for, to appeal to everyone who is interested in the
την σκηνή επαγγελματικά ή ερασιτεχνικά.

I added acting, vocal and fitness classes in addition to all types of dance to provide a proper and comprehensive education that does not exclude those who only want to express themselves through dance or just want to exercise. Children, teenagers and adults, women or men will definitely find a lesson in the day!


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Our mission

At our school, we embrace the art of dance and acting with passion and commitment. We aim to inspire and empower our students, offering them a safe and creative environment to discover their own dancing and acting talent.

Our vision

With a commitment to quality, creativity and artistic excellence, our faculty constantly seeks the harmony between progress and expression. We guide and support each student on their journey to explore their artistic nature and develop their potential with passion and confidence.

Our Values

Believing in the power of art and tradition, our faculty is committed to shaping future dance and acting artists and professionals, preparing them for a successful and expressive career in the wonderful world of art.

Our Professors