Hip-Hop Course Description

Hip-Hop is one of the most widespread movements in music

and dance and is widely known for its distinctive movements as well as for the different types of dance it includes.

The aim of the lesson is to train us in such a way that

Στόχος του μαθήματος είναι να μας γυμνάσει με τρόπο τέτοιο ώστε να

we can hear our body and our movement.

To discover and accept our potential. To recognize our limits without judging

our personal movement and to consciously

expand the options offered to us by our body.

To express ourselves artistically using the

body as the main medium and tool. Some of the main benefits of this type

of dance are:

  • Improving self-awareness and self-esteem

and personal autonomy.

  • Understanding the links between thinking

emotions and behavior.

  • Improved adaptability.
  • Management of internal stocks

through creative play.

  • Understanding the effect of ourselves on others.
  • Emotional, mental and/or physical changes.
  • Developing a relationship of trust.
  • Helping the individual manage emotions

that hinder learning.

  • The course is aimed at adults, children and teenagers

Course Teachers