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Course Description
Latin tango fusion

Latin tango fusion combines ballet, jazz, modern dance and elements

theatricality and expression! This combination creates

fun, passionate, innovative movement that is both beautiful and

indicates the cultural origins of Tango. The Tango Fusion

appeared in the dance world as a showcase created by

Diane Lachtrupp.

Tango Fusion went on to play at the American Theater for Actors in

Manhattan and received rave reviews from the New York Times. The

The Times reported, “Tango Fusion must be the happiest celebration

of this dance that arrived in the city for a long time… the values

the production, music and imaginative sets were first rate.

” The success of Latin tango fusion continued to have when

was invited to perform in New York at the Town Hall Tango Fest and

at the Fifth Annual Tango Conference in Argentina. Originally from

Galway (NY), Diane Lachtrupp has sold her New York studio

and moved to Saratoga Springs with her husband Johnny Martinez.

“In New York we created the Tango Fusion show and now Johnny

and I have time to develop Tango Fusion Dance Company,”

explains Lachtrupp enthusiastically

Course Teachers

danceonstage 11

Anna Athanassiadi

Choreographer / Dance Teacher
danceonstage 7

Dimitris Bouzanis

Voice teacher
danceonstage 5

Nikos Ioannidis

Actor & Gymnast