Musical Jazz

Musical Jazz
Musical jazz Course Description

Musical Jazz

Musical Jazz is a theatrical, very lively and modern course

of dance, with excellent use of music, so as to seduce to

real excitement the one who participates. Kinesiology draws

many elements from world musical theater and dance

Broadway style aesthetic.

As a type of dance that is influenced and evolves simultaneously with the

music, today we meet musical jazz in many forms in

television, in films, in theater as well as in contemporary music and

commercial scene.

It is considered one of the most important types of dance worldwide

education, as it develops important lines, with a key element

of the dance the single, sharp, rapid movements of the body in

complex rhythmic patterns, enabling dancers to

develop their own expression.

The course is aimed at adults, regardless of their level

on some kind of dance. The pulse and potential of the course,

the ingenuity of the choreography and the musical take off have made

the Musical Jazz course, one of the most loved for many years.

Course Teachers

danceonstage 11

Anna Athanassiadi

Choreographer / Dance Teacher
danceonstage 7

Dimitris Bouzanis

Voice teacher
danceonstage 5

Nikos Ioannidis

Actor & Gymnast