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Musical Team
(dance – acting – singing)

Dance is an integral part of the Musical. In the musical theater o

dance evolves the story and visualizes the song. The goal is to

don't see the difficulty of combining dance and song even

when tempo or speed requirements are high. It demands

good technique and dance knowledge, endurance, correct breathing and acting


The Musical Team is taught how to achieve all this and

at the same time, to develop any technique that exists in the dance.

It is a piece that increases self-confidence, emphasizes it

expressiveness and completes the training on the musician


Sections for children and teenagers:

If you are between 8-17 years old, you like to sing, dance and

you play theater, you like musicals and the stage, if you have nowhere to go

develop your talent and how to learn more about the genre that

you love, then you should definitely visit our site!!! THE

#DanceOnStage by Anna Athanassiadi is the starting point to do just that

that you have dreamed of!

This is a section specially designed for children and teenagers who

they like dancing, singing and theater!

The knowledge that children acquire from the combination of the three arts

of musical theater help build strong foundations on one

kind of show more and more rising. Whether they want to

future to practice it professionally or not, it is an activity

which, in addition to technique, offers children of this difficult age

teamwork, creativity and discipline through study

of well-known musical works, as well as making them aware of the theater

movement and song.

In view of the difficulty of the voice at the age of translation,

particularly in boys, the shrinking of children in puberty as to

dancing and acting, but also their body image which

can fuel introversion, the specially trained and

experienced in the field, the teachers have the goal of success

teaching but without losing the fun one should have

art lesson.

The owner, choreographer and dance teacher Anna Athanasiadis after

the great theatrical successes she has so far to her credit

such as the musicals Annie, Melody of Happiness, Addams Family,

Mamma Mia, Jesus Christ Superstar, Matilda, Hairspray, Charlie Chaplin, Ash

you were coming for a while, and more, but also as Ant1 partner on

TV shows Your Face Sounds Familiar and Voice, he envisions

a group of teenagers with dreams and goals and a lot of talent

acquire a solid foundation in the triple dance/singing/acting and

to be able now or later to be part of a troupe!

Together with her partners, important professionals in the field and

artistically active, they promise you your most creative

employment and a performance – presentation that you will be able to show

what have you learned all year and what you deserve!

Course Teachers

danceonstage 11

Anna Athanassiadi

Choreographer / Dance Teacher
danceonstage 7

Dimitris Bouzanis

Voice teacher
danceonstage 10

Ilias Kaloudis

Voice & Music teacher
danceonstage 5

Nikos Ioannidis

Actor & Gymnast